Do We Really Get Sick From Rat Feces Laying Around?

Do We Really Get Sick From Rat Feces Laying Around?

What can rat poop do to you? Rats shed fur constantly for most of the year and that dander is covered in feces and bacterial that can cause Hantavirus and even sepsis. You can get very serious lung infection from having a rat infestation and people with asthma and other breathing issues will be affected dramatically with rapidly worsening symptoms. Rat feces can also be deposited on your food, in bags of grain and on cooked food left out.

If you are dealing with a rat infestation or have suspicions thereof, contact Shusswap Rat Control for a fast and effective complete eradication.

Leaving a pizza out on a coffee table is a fast way to get it coated in rat feces. The best way to avoid rat feces is to avoid rats. If you have bird feeders remove them, they are not worth the headache. Do not make a mess with food when eating outside, use a table and clean up very well after. Do not feed dogs, or children, outside unless you want insects and rodents on your property searching for more food. They come to your property looking for food, they have been to half a dozen already, no food. If they find it on your property they will stop, call their family and friends and begin work on burrows and accessing the interior of your home. If they get inside the real danger starts with feces and respiratory issues and possible sepsis infections. While there has not been a case of Hantavirus in Ontario for some time now it is still a very possible and easy illness to get.



The most likely way to inhale rat feces is not looking at or having it in your home. It’s trying to clean it. Cleaning rat feces can be extremely dangerous as if it is at all dry it will flake and turn to dust and rise into the air filling your lungs. Even a face mask is not enough to block the dust and it can cause severe illness. Cleaning rat feces is a dangerous process that should be left to professionals with a shop vac and a fogging machine that can sterilize the whole basement in minutes. 


If you have rats on your property, in your home and on your property or simply think you may have them call a professional exterminator for an inspection. They can find feces in hard to reach places and can inspect for dander and other signs of rat occupancy. In the back yard, he can inspect for burrows, footprints and fur locks in bushes. There are many places rats can hide, and a professional exterminator will know them all. When areas of high activity are found the exterminator would lay down large weighted bait stations on the exterior of the property and snap traps with bait on the inside of the home to prevent rats from dying in the walls.

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